14 STS posts sanctioned for Chennai Telephones . Order No.2-3/2002/TE-I dated 30-5-2003.>>>
STS post creation of Chennai telephones has taken the Assn. a great deal of effort and struggle since Dir(F) categorically denied post creation stating excess posts in Chennai TD and refused to clear the files until the KPMG norms were released. Assn. however prevailed over the negative attitude and the justified posts have seen the light of the day.
Inter Circle request transfers: The first batch of orders has been released, a couple more are in the pipe line. However all cases of request transfers in which the concerned officers have completed two years of service and their applications have been routed through proper channel which do not find a place in the released lists may immediately report the matter to their Circle Secretaries who in turn will intimate the CHQ for immediate corrective action. Any lapse in this regard may prove very costly since the CHQ will not be able to interact with the concerned officers for want of required information
Kerala Circle conference, the first unified conference in India in session in Kottayam. Open session inaugurated by Shri. K.Suresh Kurup, Hon. MP on 28th May 2003, addressed by Shri. S.L Winston, CGMT Kerala, Com. W. Seshagiri Rao, COm. G.L Jogi and other dignitaries. Suresh Kurup attacked the unscrupulous disinvestment policy of the Government. He appreciated and applauded the bold initiatives taken by the SNEA(I) against this policy. He was particularly appreciative of the solidarity and support to the strike led by National Trade Union Movement on 21st May 2003.      Shri. S.L. Winston announced that promotion orders for the 63 reverted DEs are being issued on the case taken up by our Association. Orders for JAG would also be released immediately. He promised to looked into other grievances raised by us positively. He congratulated the associations for unifying into a single association for the executives (Promotion orders of 63 reverted officers as promised by CGMT issued in the evening of 28th may 2003. Order No. ST III/4-25/STS Offtg/2993 dated 28-05-2003). New Circle body of SNEA(I), Kerala Circle, elected unanimously in the afternoon session. Com. K.D. Sebastian is President and Com. K. Sebastain is Secretary.

Request transfers of 3 SDEs ((1)Shri.N.Mohan ST. No.35714,(2)Shri.S.Alexander ST.No.36307 (3)Shri.P.Thiruvalluvan ST.No.35476)  of  STP ordered to Chennai Telephones issued on 27-05-03.Order No.1-2/2003/PersII(Pt) dated 27thMay 2003

Inter-circle request transfers of 54 SDEs (1st lot) issued on 26-05-03.Order No.1-2/2003/PersII(Pt) dated 26thMay 2003

PS to the Hon. Minister of HI &PE, Dr. Avinash Dhagne informed our GS that the payscales of Executives of BSNL has been placed in the policy making files of the Minister which are dealt with top priority. 

GS requests for a meeting with Hon’ble Minister of HI&PI  to personally apprise the facts relating to the proposal of IDA pay scales of Gr.B officers of D.O.T seeking absorption in BSNL>>>>

GS writes to Chairman Telecom Commission the entire process of absorption in MTNL/BSNL to be handled by the DOT, the cadre controlling authority. >>>>

GS takes case with CMD BSNL on nonimplemetation of Corporate Office orders on staff sharing arrangement between Uttranjal and UP (W) by CGM UP (W)>>>>

GS writes to streamline the cadre issues of Astts/JTOs/AEs of Civil/Electrical/ Architecture wing of BSNL.>>>>

GS requests for the intervention  to render justice to hundreds and hundreds of  Astts/JTOs/AEs of Civil wing based at Kolkata in the matter of Transfer/posting. >>

General Secretary Com.G.L.Jogi along with Com.Manoj Dwivedi CS UP (E) met Chairman Telecom Commission on 22/05/2003 to discuss about the delay in approval of BSNL Executive's payscales by DPE. The Chairman confirmed that the DPE was making a final and conclusive view of the issue and the approval is expected without delay. GS also met Shri.Narad Secretary to the Minister of HI & PE who also reiterated the statement of Chairman Telecom Commission. In the meanwhile, it is reliably learned that the Hon. Minister of HI&PE Shri.Bala Saheb Vikhe Patil  has written a DO letter to Shri. Arun Shourie, Minister of Commn &IT on 19th May 2003 informing him that the pay scales issue of executives in BSNL is in a highly advanced stage and final conclusive view will be intimated very shortly.
10 STS posts sanctioned for Bangalore SSA >>>
FLASH NEWSIntercircle request transfer orders being cleared today. Out of the 245 cases processed all cases which have been routed through proper channel and cases in which the mandatory two years service has been completed are getting cleared today.
14 members of TESA joined SNEA at KOTA of Rajasthan.

TESA unit of  SIROHI of Rajasthan dismantled and the entire membership joined SNEA.

BSNL announces reduction of cellular tariff from 8% to 67% in various plans with effect from May 17, 2003. Details>>>                    
Our GS Com.G.L.Jogi along with other office bearers  met Shri.Bala Saheb Vikhe Patil, Hon’ble Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises at the appointed time. The Hon’ble Minister received our representatives very cordially and held positive discussions with them. The Hon’ble Minister told our leaders that he was sick for over ten days and could not go through any files. He also promised that he would take immediate action on our file. In the meanwhile action has already been initiated at the Minister's office and a draft is ready to put up to him for his approval.
The BSNL payscales has never ever been referred back to the DOT by either the Hon. Minister of  Heavy Industries& Public Enterprises or the DPE. In fact the minor query raised by Hon.Minister of HI & PE has been conclusively replied by the Secretary DPE some 20 days back. The latest statement by TESA on their Website about the query, reply by DOT etc. reveals their total lack of awareness or involvement in the IDA pay scale issue. Their attempt to confuse the members with explicit lies is a futile attempt to take mileage out of the situation. Our GS met Member (Service) on 13-05-2003. During the meeting the member (Ser) categorically informed him that before the Chairman Telecom Commission left the Country on foreign tour he spoke to the Secretary DPE on the payscale issue. Secretary DPE informed him that there is absolutely no problem and it is matter of the Hon.Minister of  HI & PE affixing his signature on the concerned file which could happen any moment.
BSNL ISSUED POSTING ORDERS (Order No.314-25/2003-Pers-I dated May,12,2003>>>>) to officers promoted to JAG as per DOT Order No.  314-98/2000-STG-III dated at New Delhi , the 2nd May 2003
Regular DPC for STS posts for the year 1995 numbering around 100 have been cleared and sent to the MOC for his approval.
Action has started for holding of DPC for JTS for the year 2000 numbering around 75.
NEW STS Posts sanctioned in various circles. Kerala- 7 post , Karnataka -4 post ,AP - 1 posts , MH -3 post For details >>>>
GM(1post),DGM(2posts),DGM(F)(1post),CAO(2 posts) posts sanctioned for Pathanamthitta SSA of Kerala Circle vide CO order No.4-19/2002/TE-I dated 02/05/2003
IMPCS posts sanctioned for Chennai Telephones vide CO order No.3-1/2003 TE-I dated 06/05/2003   GM(1 post), DGM (6posts 1 each for Sales & Mktg, HR& Admn, NSS, BSS, Net Planning & City Office) , DGM (F) 1 post DEs( 7 posts one each for Product Development, Sales, Key Accounts, HR, Admn, Switching &Radio Planning), CAO (2 posts 1 for Billing& Credit and one for Internal Accounts)
Shri.Bala Saheb Vikhe Patil, Hon’ble Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises has given appointment to our Association for a discussion of IDA pay scales at 9.00 a.m. on 14-05-2003.
Holding of massive Lunch/Closing hour demonstrations at SSA/CGM headquarters to extend complete support and solidarity  to the General strike on 21st, May, 03.>>>>
The DPC for promotion of  JTOs to SDEs is not making the desired progress since scrutiny of CRs at Circle level is moving at a very slow pace. All Circle Secretaries are requested to bestow their personal attention to pursue and process the cases to expedite the DPC. CHQ has intervened and Directorate will be issuing remainders to the Heads of Circles to expedite the entire process. Feedback in this regard may be intimated to the CHQ at the earliest.
Inter-Circle request transfer orders of 245 officers being finalised. Issue of orders expected shortly
500 JTO vacancies from Direct Rect quota diverted to Departmental quota to accommodate the deptl candidates waiting for training after the qualifying Exam. For details >>>>
GS addresses Shri. Bala Saheb Vikhe Patil, Hon’ble Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises to settle the issue relating to IDA pay scales of Gr B officers of D.O.T waiting for absorption in B.S.N.L.>>>>
Com.Y.B.Walia Cir Secretary BSNL EA(I) Punjab Circle after speaking in person to Com.K.S.Cheema , President, Com Ram Saran, Secretary, Com.S.Sharma , Treasurer of Amritsar District Branch of BSNL EA(I) intimate our G.S. that the story of  migration at Amritsar planted by TESA in their website is totally false, malicious and malignant.
STS post creation GS letter to CMD BSNL start showing immediate results. Files held up by finance start moving. Two files relating to Chennai Telephones and Karnataka Circle cleared.
BSNL EA(I), Amritsar District Secretary Com.Ram Saran contacts GS and informed that the story published on Amritsar Branch by TESA is totally false.
Similarly in Trivandrum there has been absolutely no migration from either BSNL EA or TEOA to TESA.
The stories concocted by TESA is a mere cover up and futile attempt to prevent the large scale migration of  TESA membership to our organisation through out Rajasthan.
The TESA unit of ALWAR of Rajasthan dissolved and the entire membership joined BSNL EA(I). Com.R.C.Choudhary, Vigilance Officer is the President and Com.M.C.Gupta DE (Phones ) is the Secretary.
Two Members  of  TESA in Udaipur of  Rajasthan join our Association.
GS demands for the implementation of the Judgment of Hon’ble  Allahabad  High Court in respect of fixing of year of recruitment as 1991 for 50 JTOs of erstwhile combined U.P. circle.>>>>  
GS demands justice to SDEs working at Chennai in STP in regard to inter circle request transfers >>>>
Attention Circle Secretaries/ SSA Secretaries. Lunch hour/Closing hour demonstrations to be organised on 21st,May 2003 at all Circle/SSA Head Quarters to express solidarity with the National Trade Union movements who are agitating against disinvestment of PSUs.
Inter circle request transfers numbering around 245 covering all circles in the country likely to be released in day or two.
Another instalment of adhoc DEs numbering 432 cleared and sent to MOC for his approval.
Letter for processing another list of adhoc DEs to be  issued by BSNL management very shortly.
 Finance wing stalls clearance of STS posts citing finalisation of KPMG norms. GS writes to CMD BSNL demanding immediate action to overrule the finance decision and sanction of pending STS posts, failing which immediate organisational action shall commence.Click here >>>
Absorption of  Group 'C' & 'D' Staff - another chance for absorption in BSNL- DOT Order No.27-1/2002-SNG dated 02-05-2003.>>>
Promotion Transfer and Posting order from STS to JAG of ITS Group 'A'- DOT order No.314-98/2000-STG-III dated at New Delhi , the 2nd May 2003.CLICK HERE FOR THE ORDER>>>. Out of 109 STS officers of 1994 Batch promoted  in this order 27 officers are promotees.
In Jalpaiguri (WB) not even a single member of our organisation has left ( as claimed by TESA). Only two NFTE members are understood to have joined TESA
In Nagpur we have already received 28 signatures out of the 32 listed by TESA. More signatures will be forthcoming.
The Master Fabricator and Father of all lies is once again at the only games he knows. 24 members out of 32  of Nagpur Branch listed by him to have switched sides, have given in writing to our General Secretary informing him of their total commitment to our Association. Most of the remaining 8 are out of station/ leave and similar action from them is expected. The letter will be published in this website shortly.
Similiarly TESA Secretary , Ludhiana has appologised to our leaders Com.Inderjit Singh and Com. Arora on the falsehood propagated by his CHQ about 7 members of Ludhiana leaving our Association.
Comrades all over the country beware of the confusion likely to be created by such people in future.
Left out cases of previous DPCs for Adhoc DEs numbering 57 and 43 - files gone to MOC for approval.
NEW STS Posts sanctioned in various circles. Orissa- 4 post ,Gujarat -8 post ,Punjab - 6 posts , Haryana -1 post For details >>>>
DA on IDA scales increased to 39.6% w.e.f. 01-04-2003 depending on AICPI = 2384

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