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Provisional All India Eligibility List of JTOs

1. Order No.2-7/2003-STG-II dated 12-03-2004  >>>>>>

2. List from Sl.No.1-500 >>>>>>>>>>

3. List from Sl.No.501-1000 >>>>>>>

4. List from Sl.No.1001-1500 >>>>>>

5. List from Sl.No.1501-2000 >>>>>>

6. List from Sl.No.2001-2500 >>>>>>

7. List from Sl.No.2501-3000 >>>>>>

8. List from Sl.No.3001-3500 >>>>>>

9. List from Sl.No.3501-4000 >>>>>>

10. List from Sl.No.4001-4500 >>>>>

11. List from Sl.No.4501-5000 >>>>>

12. List from Sl.No.5001-5500 >>>>>

13. List from Sl.No.5501-6000 >>>>>

14. List from Sl.No.6001-6500 >>>>>

15. List from Sl.No.6501-7000 >>>>>

16. List from Sl.No.7001-7500 >>>>>

17. List from Sl.No.7501-8000 >>>>>

18. List from Sl.No.8001-8500 >>>>>

19. List from Sl.No.8501-9000 >>>>>

20. List from Sl.No.9001-9500 >>>>>

21. List from Sl.No.9501-10000 >>>>

22. List from Sl.No.10001-10500 >>>

23. List from Sl.No.10501-10791 >>>

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